Pinnacle Regional Hospital has a full service radiology department to provide comprehensive care during your treatment. We offer the latest technology and state of the art equipment. All radiology technicians are credentialed in their field and the facility is ACR accredited. Digital imaging reports are available for review by your provider the same day.

Services include:

  • Oval MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray

Frequently Asked Questions about MRI

How should I prepare for my visit?
  • Due to the strength of the magnetic field, you must remove all metallic objects before you are scanned. For example — jewelry, glasses, clothing with zippers, non permanent dentures and credit cards must be removed.
  • Dress in non-binding comfortable clothing without metal. Sweat pants, tee shirt, sports bra, or you may be asked to change into a hospital gown.
  • Go to the bathroom before the exam so you will be more comfortable during the exam.
  • If you are very nervous you can discuss taking a sedative with your doctor before your scan.
Is there any radiation?
MRI uses no radiation. The basic components of MRI are a strong magnetic field and a brief pulse of a radio frequency. There are no known side effects related to MRI.
Are there any contraindications having a MRI?
Yes, People with certain devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, aneurysm clips and certain cochlear implants must NOT enter the MRI room. The technologist will have you complete a screening questionnaire prior to your exam.
How long will the MRI exam take?
  Here at Pinnacle Regional Hospital we offer many types of MRI exams. A typical exam will usually last between 15- 30 minutes. More involved exams can take about 45 minutes. If you have any questions regarding the length of the exam, please do not hesitate to ask the MR technologist.  
Can I listen to music during the exam?
  You are welcome to bring your favorite music on CD to listen while having your scan. On the other hand, a head scan requires that the patient’s head rest in a special coil positioned in the middle of the magnet leaving no room for headphones, earplugs will be provided.
Can I talk during the exam?
Yes. The technologist will communicate with you throughout the exam. You may talk to the technologist or ask questions at various times when the scanner is quite. You will know when you hear the noise and vibration stop that a scan has ended. It is very important that you remain still throughout the entire exam.
How long before my doctor gets the results?
After the exam is completed, the images are sent to one of our radiologists, (doctors specializing in the evaluation of diagnostic images.) Once read, the radiologist will create a report that will be sent to your referring physician. The entire process usually takes less than 24 hours. Since there is a strong magnetic field every person must be screened and cleared to enter the room. All metal must be removed from the body including hairpins, watches, jewelry, keys, and coins. Also, you will be asked to secure your wallet as credit cards and other forms of ID with magnetic strips may be erased.
Will I have a reaction to the contrast if I had a reaction to the CAT Scan contrast?
The contrast used in MRI is not the same as in CT. Conventional radiologic exams use contrast that frequently contain iodine. MRI uses gadolinium, a rare earth metal similar to iron. It is very rare that a patient will have a reaction (less than 5% of patients a year experience a mild headache or nausea). As with any substance introduced into the body, there is a slight chance of an allergic reaction.

Pinnacle Regional Hospital is the only facility in the region with the Hitachi Echelon Oval MRI. This revolutionary system is designed around the shape of the human body, allowing for an optimal patient experience with outstanding comfort, space and efficiency. The Oval MRI system can comfortably accommodate patients up to 550 pounds.

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